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ABSolute ABS- No Kettlebell ABS
No Kettlebell Join me in a little exercise: Let’s begin at the end. How do you see yourself in 7 days from now? In 4 weeks? How about six months from now? Take a moment and visualize you do not have a kettlebell but this can be your first...
Kettlebell ABSolute ABS
 Kettlebell ABSolute ABS Okay… Go ahead and sweat it out with these Kettlebell Exercises that will challenge and engage your core Strength! Warm Up and Cool Down Included 20 minutes of exercises that use a kettlebell - want to challenge yourself, increase your kettlebell weight EQUIPMENTFor this program you ONLY...
ABSolute ABS- 3 Fat Blasting Calorie-Killing Workouts
ABSolute ABS  ‘Cardio’ workouts will not be enough to burn belly fat. Strength training increases muscle mass, and because muscle needs more energy to live, you will in turn burn more fat (belly fat included). We have included 3 workouts you can do anywhere with very little space!  All programs...