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ABSolute ABS- No Kettlebell ABS

ABSolute ABS- No Kettlebell ABS

No Kettlebell
Join me in a little exercise: Let’s begin at the end. How do you see yourself in 7 days from now? In 4 weeks? How about six months from now? Take a moment and visualize you do not have a kettlebell but this can be your first STEP- no kettlebell needed!
  • Warm Up and Cool Down Included
  • AB exercises that will challenge you and progress you
  • No kettlebell needed- so No Excuses!
  • 20 minute guided workout
Want  to Add More Training to Get A Stronger You?
Every Kettlebell Kickboxing program is designed to produce incredible results through a unique combination of KB trademark motions, structures and time intervals.
Strong Body ~ Strong Mind
Warning: Consult your physician before beginning this or any other program.