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Kettlebell ABSolute ABS

Kettlebell ABSolute ABS

 Kettlebell ABSolute ABS

Okay… Go ahead and sweat it out with these Kettlebell Exercises that will challenge and engage your core Strength!

  • Warm Up and Cool Down Included
  • 20 minutes of exercises that use a kettlebell - want to challenge yourself, increase your kettlebell weight

For this program you ONLY need one kettlebell or dumbbell .

We advise you begin with a 10-15lb as a beginner / 20-25 as an advanced practitioner. 

Every Kettlebell Kickboxing program is designed to produce incredible results through a unique combination of KB trademark motions, structures and time intervals. 

 Want  to Add More Training to Get A Stronger You?

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Strong Mind ~ Strong Body!

Warning: Consult your physician before beginning this or any other program.