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Montreal KBIA Level 1 Certification - March 2-3 2019

Montreal KBIA Level 1 Certification - March 2-3 2019

Welcome to Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada!


March 2  2:30-6:30 

March 3 10:30-3:00

Our KBIA Level 1 Program is uniquely a program that teaches your the core principles of the Russian kettlebell along with our systemized program of Kettlebell Kickboxing.  You will leave the course with the knowledge of the training tool and how to teach a class to beginners, intermediate and advanced clients.  You will also be welcomed into a community of like minded trainers. Our goal here at Kbkbcanada is to contiually educate and embrace our trainers.  Growing Stronger Together so you can ulitimatley focus on teaching your passion so we can grow healthier and generate finacial freedom.

Please contact Jodi or Taylor from Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada for any questions you may have. 

The certification typical looks like this:

 Study materials sent upon registration

 After looking over materials candidate emails the desired certification dates

 7-8 hours of group training



In the Level 1 KB Instructor Course you will acquire:

 5 Pillars of Strength and Conditioning/ Exercise Structure

 Kettlebell lineage, history and science

 Kettlebell benefits - biomechanically and physiologically

 Kettlebell specific anatomy

 Refined techniques on the most important kettlebell lifts; double and single kbs

 6 most traditional kettlebell motions explained

 The skills to safely teach all kb lifts to others

 The most common form faults, and how to correct them

 Proper workout construction and design

 Appropriate KB group exercise class structure

 Small group and private KB training structure

 The most important aspects of leading group kettlebell classes

 How to identify and monitor over-reaching and overtraining -- and wisdom to know the difference

 A library of Grinds and Ballistics

 Ballistics: 15 variations of the standard kettlebell swing

 All modifications and proper progressions to advance clients

 Programing for various goals: power, strength, endurance, weight-loss

 Proper workout sequencing

 Physiology of time intervals, sets and reps


What to Expect during a KBIA Instructor Training:

 Hard work with plenty of hands-on practice and also technical education with real science 

 First-hand experience of Kettlebell Kickboxing's signature exercises and techniques 

 A full day of training, which starts on time, with just a few well-timed breaks -- your time is never wasted

 Expect to hone your intra-personal and inter-personal kettlebell skills

 Expect to take lots of notes -- and to have your questions answered

 Unlike some seminars, expect all relevant material to be presented 

 Expect to learn that which you need to know about classroom structure, design, and administration, of group/ semi private and private kettlebell classes

 Expect to learn the 12 most-common kettlebell form breaks and errors -- and how to fix them (many people tell us the Faults & Fixes segment has transformed their own training and teaching)

 Expect to return home with a plenty of great programing ideas

 The ability to start, engage, structure and maintain a class

 Running a class with limited kettlebells 

 Running a class of beginners and de-conditioned individuals

 Running a class of 3 populations: beginner, intermediate, advanced

 Class periodization

 Warm up and Cool Down


 Cardio Respiratory Intervals: Martial arts inspired motion, animal calisthenics, safe plyometrics

 Marketing and starting/ growing your class


What to expect after your certification:

 Access to Jodi's via email anytime 

 A page on the website expl;

 A curriculum book of classes

 Log In to Instructor Area on - studies, videos classes posted by our CoFounder Dasha Anderson

 20% off all KB Programs and DVDs

 Wholesale prices to resell to your students if needed

 Opportunity to apply for Master Level KBIA and be a representative (certify your own instructors) 

The ability to be a Kbkbcanada Rep! Allowing you to build an income along side us.

If you teach in a large studio you Must apply for Affiliation to use Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada Logos. Email for requirements.



Requirements to pass the certification:

*Your payment alone does not guarantee your certification. Jodi signs each certificate herself and takes this responsibility very seriously. Funds are non refundable.

 Demonstration of perfect form of the exercises covered at the seminar

 The ability to teach -- and correct -- people who have little or no prior experience of kettlebell training

Most importantly, expect to take from this workshop a feeling of confidence in your ability to present, command, and control group and individual kettlebell classes.

We are so excited to get you started on your Kettlebell Kickboxing Journey!