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Kettlebell Complex 'Melt Down' Series

What you get:

  • 3 Unique and Challenging Workouts & 14 Beginner Lessons
  • 50 min Single Complexes Workout
  • 40 min Double Complexes Workout
  • 15 min Mobility Workout
  • 14 Beginner Lessons, in a Beginner & Review 101 Video
  • BONUS Recovery & Over Training Video Discussion
  • 50 page Complete Program, Training & Nutrition Guide
  • Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Mobility & Strength
  • Tow Kettlebells Needed
  • Low Impact (knee safe)
  • Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Mobility & Strength
  • BONUS; Bonus Swing Workout Book, Calories, Burn 500 & Fitness Assessment Downloadable Books.
  • Available On Instant Download (Start Your Workout Instantly) 34.95
  • Available On Physical DVD (Ships Jan 15-20th, 2017) *Limited Quantity / Limited Run

2 Incredible Kettlebell Complexes Workouts, and 1 Mobility Workout: Combining Fat Burning & Muscle Sculpting. Plus a 14 move Beginner & Review Video, 50 page Bonus Nutrition & Training Guide, Workout Charts 

This program is the next evolution in our training.
It will challenge you, and also enlighten you - teaching you as much about the capabilities of your body as it will about the art of kettlebells. 

This Series is for:
  • weight-loss
  • strength
  • mobility
  • stamina and endurance
  • anyone who feels like they have plateaued 
  • muscle sculpting and definition
  • body connection 
  • those that only have time to workout 2-3x a week at most
Your Program Includes:

Single Kettlebell Complex 
50 minutes of complete strength and cardio flows that will challenge the muscles and help you create even greater strength, endurance and weight-loss results body weight motions like the alligator, monkey, leopard, spider and bird. A diversified workout that helps you sculpt beautiful muscles and avoid plateaus.

Double Kettlebell Complex  
Correct any imbalances with this total body kick-punch, push-pull, hinge-squat, hold-explode muscle activating routine.

Lengthen: Yogi Calisthenics

40 minutes of sweat and fun; as you continue with a double kb flow of kettlebell movements that will connect the body in one link, encouraging maximum calorie burn and muscle activation.

15 minutes of longevity based mobility work. This is not a stretching routine, this is a rejuvenation routine for the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Just 1-2x a week of this session and you will see a major difference in the way you move. No more feeling stiff and locked up.

Beginner & Review 101

14 Beginner lessons in one complete video. Pause, rewind and review as much as you need until you master each move. Dasha goes through the kettlebell swing, the squat swing, the overhead swing, the windmill and many other kettlebell cornerstone moves, making sure you have everything you need for complete success. 

Your Nutrition & program
50 page complete program, training & nutrition guide. Including chapters that include your 8-12-16 and 24 week training guides, mobility discussion, complete nutrition education and much more.


Who Is This Program For??

If You Have Been Training With Our KB Programs:
Those of you that have been doing my programs will no doubt find a new challenge in this series, a bit different from our other workouts together the kettlebell complexes are composed of compound kettlebell exercises to be performed successively and uninterruptedly. Giving your body a new and exciting challenge, and maximum results. 

 If You Are New To  KB Programs
Those of you that are new to my programs will be able to learn step by step as you go through the beginner and review video, which will break down ever single move step-by-step, detail by details. 

Don't Have Much Time??

One of the best parts about this series is that while the workouts are a bit longer then our tradition 25-35min sessions, these two 40 and 50 minute sessions will only require a 2-3x a week commitment last most. And at that rate you will undoubtably see tremendous results. 


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