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7 Day Lean Series

7 Day Lean Series

What you get:

  • 7 workouts; 25, 35, 40 and 50 minute sessions (Plus a BONUS nutrition, training & form discussion)
  • A Complete 85 page nutrition program
  • NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED (no at all!)
  • Workout Guide
  • Beginner Modification In Each Workout
  • 3 Levels of Hight Intensity: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced
  • Complete Strength, Cardio, HIIT
  • Low Impact (knee safe)
  • BONUS; Bonus Swing Workout Book, Calories, Burn 500 & Fitness Assessment Downloadable Books.
  • Available On Instant Download (Start Your Workout Instantly)

Our First No Equipment Set: Complete High Intensity, Low Impact, Train Anywhere Fat Melting, Muscle Building Program.

Plus, a full nutrition program (84 pages).

7DL combines the muscle-sculpting, fat burning and interval training of martial arts with the mobility, strength and fluidity of animal calisthenics. All without high-impact jumping or muscle and joint straining cardio. 7 Day Lean designer and your trainer Dasha Libin Anderson combines her two decades of martial arts, fitness and her Masters degree in Sports Science to bring you a result-driven program that will make your body lean and agile, not tired and broken down. You will reach all of your weight and health goals from your living room, or anywhere you would like to train, anytime.

Most often the missing link in progress is a solid nutrition program to complient your training. 7DL includes an 80 page electronic nutrition book. This is not a general guide, this is a complete nutrition book made to help you reach and keep your goals.

Shred: martial HIIT
An explosive, heart-pumping workout that incorporates martial arts and body weight resistance to activate every muscle in your body.

Sculpt: Animal Calisthenics
Includes body weight motions like the alligator, monkey, leopard, spider and bird. A diversified workout that helps you sculpt beautiful muscles and avoid plateaus.

Lean: Complex Calisthenics
Correct any imbalances with this total body kick-punch, push-pull, hinge-squat, hold-explode muscle activating routine.

Lengthen: Yogi Calisthenics
Zen out while lengthening, strengthening and increasing your body’s mobility. The ideal work/recovery combo and the last workout in our 7 day cleanse & event prep.

Define: Tabata Training
Two-for-one rest periods activate your body’s fat-burning potential for hours after the workout.

Sweat: Scorcher Sets
Super challenging and super fun: Combine motions from martial arts, surfing, basketball and track & field to turn up the sweat. Burn 3x the calories you would doing traditional workouts.

Burn: Compound Cardio
Fatigue both the larger muscles AND the smaller stabilizers while raising your heart rate to the fat burning zone.

84 page ‘All You Need’ Nutrition & Program: 7 Day Prep, Results & Maintenance

Event prep 7 day program for 7 day ‘your best’ results

* 84 page nutrition guide, program design, grocery lists and lifestyle plan
* Workout calendars
* Before & After measurement calendars

Upon purchase of the program automatically receive 5 BONUS book to hep you reach and maintain your goals

  • Vitamins 101, Guiltless Sweats, Burn 500 Anywhere Workout & Fitness Assessment Downloadable Books.

No equipment Needed - Just your Body.

Train Anywhere, Anytime!

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